Sierra Blair-Coyle

Professional Rock Climber from Scottsdale, AZ
All about that dyno 🙌 Photo: @venomblackbird

All about that dyno 🙌 Photo: @venomblackbird

Congrats @mccollsean on becoming 3x Open World Champion. So psyched for you! 🏆 (at Vail Village)

Congrats @mccollsean on becoming 3x Open World Champion. So psyched for you! 🏆 (at Vail Village)

Anonymous asked: How did you get started climbing

I went to an outdoor mall by my house that had an outdoor climbing wall.  I tried it and fell in love!  After that I joined a climbing team and began competing.

Anonymous asked: hi Sierra! I only ask as a fan that you post more selfies of your gorgeous mug! Kk?? Thanks! = ) sincerely a huge fan!


Anonymous asked: Someone asked you if your home gym was PRG and you said it was along with two others. Are you talking about PRG as in Philadelphia Rock Gym?!! Cause that's not near Arizona- I climb there! :) Just wondering haha

My home gym is Focus Climbing Center.  The PRG I was talking about is the Phoenix Rock Gym :)

iamjavifletcher asked: Your favorite route ? Why? :D

The Rally in Maui, it’s a DWS route.  It’s so beautiful and such a great line :)

Anonymous asked: what's your favorite scary movie?

Grave Encounters!

covingtoncalifornia asked: About to go climb at the gym here at Humboldt State in California. Thanks for the inspiration, keep it up!

Your welcome!  Have fun climbing :)

Anonymous asked: How do you deal with haters? :(

Most people are really positive and excited.  I focus on doing what I love and being happy :)

Anonymous asked: you should sign up for the american ninja warrior!

I’m not 21 yet, maybe in the future :)

Anonymous asked: Which school are you in and what grade?

Arizona State University and I’m a Junior (3rd year)

Anonymous asked: how many fat % you got ?

I have no idea :)

Anonymous asked: For someone aspiring to go pro what would you recommend them to do for their initial steps for accomplishing this? I really want to start working on this goal of mine but have no idea where to even begin!

I would enter some professional climbing competitions first.  They’re really fun!

huzunludonenceler asked: Whats your favorite book (novel)

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Anonymous asked: which climbing shoes do you wear?

ClimbX Rockstars!