Sierra Blair-Coyle

Professional Rock Climber from Scottsdale, AZ

Anonymous asked: Where can I see you in London??

I’m home!

Anonymous asked: Awesome talk tonight! It was great to see somebody so pyched and passionate about climbing. I've been struggling under lots of pressure lately, but I guess you helped me see that enjoying yourself is just as important as pushing yourself. So thanks!

I am glad you liked the talk! Best of luck with your climbing…I hope you keep the psych up :)

Anonymous asked: Do you have to be really good at climbing to be sponsored?

I think being good at climbing certainly helps obtain sponsors.

Anonymous asked: If you had a boyfriend would you want him to be a climber?

No preference!

getusanotherlunatic asked: ooh, and where did you get the sports bra you were wearing in exeter? :D

It’s from Roxy!

Anonymous asked: What other sports do you enjoy

I love watching hockey!

Anonymous asked: First of all, I am a reaaaaaaaaaly big fan! Secondly, you did an amazing job at worlds this year! My question to you would be, how did your parents handle with your life decision? I always want to do it, to just sololy travel and climb, however I am constantly being called an idiot from my parents.

My parents have always been big supporters of my climbing career :)

whale-song-in-the-deep asked: Hey sierra, what advice would you give to a beginner climber? And what do you study at university? X

The best advice I can give a beginner climber is to climb as much as possible. It is simple advice, but the more you climb, the better you will become.
I am studying marketing with a concentration in digital and integrated marketing communications.

Anonymous asked: For someone looking to go pro, how would you recommend getting their name out there?

Social media is a great way to get your name out there. However, you essentially need to become very involved with the community. Everyone has a particular niche/space they can fill. Be a good ambassador, work hard, and ultimately follow your dreams.

Anonymous asked: Hello! So I just started climbing mid July. I just climbed outside for my 2nd time ever at Maple Canyon in Utah and was crushing several 5.10 routes. I want to set goals for myself, but I have no idea what type of goals to set in the climbing world. What are some goals that you have set for yourself?

Glad you are climbing so well, I love Maple.
Some of my goals are to boulder double digits, win a professional competition, and help climbing become a more mainstream sport.

mamos2 asked: So my sport climbing ability is awful because I get the shakes bad. Do you have any suggestions in overcoming that?

If you mean from being pumped, you need to work on your endurance by climbing routes back to back to fatigue yourself further.
If you mean from mentally being nervous, try and focus on your breathing and concentrate on each individual movement.

Anonymous asked: Sierra!i love seeing your pictures and advances. My boifriend is a climbing lover and i am trying to improve my climbing. I need a medium level to share adventures with him but could you please advise me on how to improve???thanks!!

The best way to improve at climbing is to climb as much as possible. It sounds simple, but the more you practice the better you will become :)

Anonymous asked: what do you feel when you get to the top?

It’s a great feeling, especially if you have been working hard on a problem or route.

Anonymous asked: You go all around the world right? I'm a photographer, is there perhaps a chance that we could arrange a shoot when you're near Belgium?


Anonymous asked: How do you get sponsorship? do you get spotted first or do you need to put yourself out there?

It is usually a combination of both. Sponsors can come to you, but there is no harm in approaching them as well.