Sierra Blair-Coyle

Professional Rock Climber from Scottsdale, AZ

Anonymous asked: When did you realize that you want to do this sport for the rest of your life?

I fell in love with climbing when I first tried it when I was 8.  Probably since then :)

Anonymous asked: Can we make icecream together sometime?

What flavor?

Anonymous asked: How do you take care of your hands from all the climbing?

I try and keep them as dry as possible.  It works well for my skin :)

Anonymous asked: When I get a girlfriend I want her to look just like you and have the personality of you, you are the shining image of a perfect woman, stay beautiful my friends, we are all beautiful in our own special way

Thanks for the kind words :)

irunwithbulls asked: I'm sure you've been asked this 1000x but whats the hardest boulder you've sent? And have you ever done any climbing in Virginia?


I have competed in VA, but I have never climbed outside there :)

freediver asked: Hi Si! Museums or Fairs?

That is such a tough decision…I love museums and I love fairs.  Can I say both? ;)

Anonymous asked: Favorite pokemon of all time


I’m not very familiar with Pokemon!

Anonymous asked: Hey will you come to the Petzl rock trip base camp8 in Turkey bafa lake ?

Sounds fun!

pawelgawryolek asked: Hi, How can I get your autographed photo? :)

I’m trying to set something up for that, I’ll post the info as soon as it’s finalized.

Anonymous asked: What was the most fun thing you did today (besides climbing)

Watched The Walking Dead!

Anonymous asked: How many hours do you train per week? Also, do you have any recommendations for a 5.7 sport lead climber outside about v3 on problems

I climb about 10 hours per week.  Climb lots of problems at your level, lower grades and project some harder climbs as well.  Get on all different styles of climbs and holds.  Have fun!

Anonymous asked: Bunnies or bunny-unicorns?

Bunnies :)

Anonymous asked: Black or white shoes for a formal event?


Anonymous asked: My roommates not a climber. How do i make her one?

Take her to your local gym and let her try it out.  Hopefully she’ll fall in love with it :)

Anonymous asked: Do you collect change and take it to a penny arcade or do you use it?

Nope, I usually pay with credit cards.