Sierra Blair-Coyle

Professional Rock Climber from Scottsdale, AZ

Anonymous asked: How long/often do you climb a day/week? How often are you leaving the US to climb the world (especially Europe) ? :) If I should ever have the chance(money) to travel to the states, which parts do I have to definitely see & climb? How much do you think you're influencing the climbing scene, especially for the younger ones & the smaller percentage of female climbers and in which ways are you willing to change that exact influence? I hope that I didn't ask too many questions ;)

I climb 5 days a week.  I don’t get to travel outside the US as often as I’d like to right now since my University has started again.  However, I will be traveling to the UK on Monday :)  As far as where to visit in the US…Hueco Tanks in Texas has great bouldering, Moab, Red Rocks in Vegas.  There are so many amazing places to climb.  I’m hoping to introduce climbing to more people :)  Thanks for asking!

1735whiterockies asked: My buddy and I recently went climbing it's such a great workout! Does it just take time or are my arms going to feel like noodles after every time? Haha

Haha I feel ya!  My arms sometimes still feel like noodles :)  It will just take some time.  Have fun!

Anonymous asked: I hit a blockade in my climbing. Over this year, I have been hitting v9s consistently however, I can't seem to hit a v10. Any advice?

Unfortunately improvement is slower as you increase your level.  I’d suggest projecting V10’s and hopefully this can help you get there faster.  Also doing a lot of volume on V8’s and V9’s.  I hope this helps :)

Anonymous asked: Whats a sample of your hangboard workouts and frequency?

Honestly I don’t do any hangboard workouts.

kneeny1 asked: Will you be climbing in the Peak District when your in the uk? If so I'd love to shoot a climb with you. Check out my blog for some of my work.

I’m not sure if I am or how much free time I’ll have.  I’ll check out your blog for sure :)

Anonymous asked: have you ever seriously injured? if so, how did you take?

I had a bulging, torn and herniated disc.  It was frustrating but I’m glad to say I’m doing well now :)

Anonymous asked: How do you take care on the skin of your fingers my grandson does Crossfit and it's hard on his hand and fingers.

I keep my hands as dry as possible, no lotion or soaking them in water for extended periods of time.  This works for me, it’s really an individual thing.  Good luck to your grandson :)

Anonymous asked: Is there any possiblity for us to meet, eat, drink, etc. ?


heartofchild asked: Is there any possibility for us to meet, eat, Drink, Walk, feed animals, etc.? Have a nice day Lady :)

You never know :)

Anonymous asked: Will you take me out rock climbing? :)


Anonymous asked: Do you think that the way you dress and market yourself as a female climber creates unrealistic expectations for other female climbers and their body image ?

Actually, my goal is to create a positive body image.  I am proud of who I am and how I look.  I wear what I am comfortable in, and I encourage others (men and women) to do the same :)

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been climbing in Austria?

No I haven’t, hopefully one day.

Anonymous asked: Do you have sponsors? Or do you do advertising.

I have sponsors, they are awesome!

Anonymous asked: i love you!! sk


Anonymous asked: When come you to climb to Spain. We have a lot of places very interesting for high, dificulty, grade and wonferfull people?

I don’t have any solid plans yet but I’m dying to go to Spain!