Sierra Blair-Coyle

Aug 28

The Mousetrap ūüź≠ (at St Martin’s Theatre)

The Mousetrap ūüź≠ (at St Martin’s Theatre)

Met my knight in shining armor today ;) (at Tower of London)

Met my knight in shining armor today ;) (at Tower of London)

Tower of London (at Tower of London)

Tower of London (at Tower of London)

Aug 27

Buckingham Palace (at Buckingham Palace)

Buckingham Palace (at Buckingham Palace)

Aug 26

freediver said: Hi Si! Positive vibes from The Valley of the Sun to you. Are you ready to send it?

Thanks!  And yes :)  Great to hear from you :)

Anonymous said: Hey;) Visit switzerland for climbing soon?

I’d love to :)

wtr40 said: Any insects or animals near you when you were climbing on the rock?

Bees for sure and sometimes rattlesnakes.

ncovert2 said: How would you advise getting a young girl, 5 years old, to try climbing? I think if you can get them hooked? It can be a lifelong sport.

Take her to your local climbing gym! ¬†She will probably have so much fun she’ll be wanting to go back and climb again :)

Anonymous said: Hey Sierra, Can you recommend some exercises for core strength and stability? I already work out daily, and climb 4-5 times a week, but I find that the core workouts I do are not translating very well to climbing.

Maybe try climbing more on the types of problems you’re noticing your core is weak on. ¬†If your core is week on roof problems climb more in the roof, if it feels weaker on slopers spend more time there. ¬†It sounds like you are doing a lot of training so you might just need to specialize in your specific areas of climbing you feel weak. ¬†Hope this helps :)

Anonymous said: Do you have a fav music genre? What's your fav song artist? Wish u well :)

Right now Rap music is my favorite. ¬†My favorite song is “Drive” by Incubus. ¬†My favorite artist is Linkin Park.

Anonymous said: Hi Sierra! I love your genuine psyche for climbing! Do you ever bring new people climbing? I think you'd make it a lot of fun :]

Thanks for the kind words :) ¬†Yes I love bringing new people climbing. ¬†It’s thrilling to see how much fun they’re having!

Anonymous said: Hi Sierra! I climb and often I have a problems with the tendons of the fingers which "ignite" and subsequently hurt me and not allow me to climb. Do you have any suggestion to me in addition to a good warm up before you climb? Maybe some product to cure the problem? Many tks, ciao Andrea

What really helps me are finger oppositional exercises.  Put a few rubber bands around your fingers either all at the same time or individually.  Pull your fingers away from each other and hold for a few seconds.  This helped me a lot!  Good luck :)

Anonymous said: Haber cuando bienes para España para hacer una exhibición de escalar


what-you-thinkyou-become said: How do you keep your finger strength up to par while away from the gym for long periods of time? (Already have a habgboard, but not seeing improvement) suggestions?

You could try oppositional finger exercises using rubber bands, silly putty, and a rice bucket.  These are more injury preventative than strengthening. Maybe some fingertip pushups and your hang board.  If you have access to a campus board that would help.

Anonymous said: what kind of music do you listen to

I listen to a mix of everything really.  Right now I listen to a lot of rap music.