Sierra Blair-Coyle

Sep 02

Anonymous said: Hey, Sierra. Would you date me? You're impeccably amazing! I climb (trad, sport, boulder) hike, go canyoning, caving, Oh, I'm Australian :)

This is tempting… :)

getusanotherlunatic said: hey sierra! i like to think you remember meeting me on friday at the quay, i was the totally awe struck chick with glasses :P meeting you was honestly amazing, especially as you're even more lovely than i imagined! it was always just a dream to meet you as you're my idol and i look up to you so much. i hope you visit the UK again as i'd love to climb and chat with you some more, thank you for making my weekend, and my summer! PS, congrats on placing second, your climbing was sick! bryony xx

Bryony!! It was so wonderful meeting you this weekend! I would love to climb with you the next time I am in town, which will hopefully be soon!! Hope all is well and keep rocking your shorts ;) Xoxo

baldi40 said: Are you coming to the Wilton Fest this weekend? Tim x


Anonymous said: do u have a boyfriend?


mgultas said: Do not think conferences abroad?

I am not sure what you mean?

Anonymous said: Hi Sierra :) do you run? How often? Thanks :)

I don’t run actually :)

Anonymous said: I am dreaming of a girl like you haha ;)


Anonymous said: Hey Sierra, are you enjoying the UK?? What's been your favorite bit so far

The UK has been incredible. My favorite part has been Exeter so far, I just loved the town.

Anonymous said: Do you think jump rump is good for climbing?

I think that jumping rope is a great warmup and can help with cardio :)

Anonymous said: I think you should date me, im British and I love you, you are soo gorgeous

I do like British accents ;)

wtr40 said: When you were climbing on the rock, did you see any insects or animals near you?

Sometimes there are insects on the rock, but I usually just climb past them :)

kibblewhite said: You're in London! Any chance that you running any classes/lessons/private tutoring while you are on you visit? Many thanks.

Hey! Unfortunately I was not running anything like that in London…hopefully next trip :)

Anonymous said: When did you get so swole?

Hahahah I have been working on building more strength!

Anonymous said: Have you ever climbed at Red River Gorge? If so what's your favorite route/crag there and will you come again soon :]

I have never climbed at The Red, but I have heard that it’s awesome :)

slopelyfe said: I just wanna marry you. That's all.