Sierra Blair-Coyle

Professional Rock Climber from Scottsdale, AZ
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(Over)Hanging with Sierra Blair-Coyle

In the world of outdoor action sports, one girl stands out from the rest. Whether for her stunning looks or superb grip strength, rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle is always involved in discussions in the sport. At only twenty years old, Sierra has made quite a name for herself in rock climbing competition recently, placing third in the Dominion RiverRock Competition in both bouldering and speed bouldering, her highest finish as a professional athlete. Sierra describes the podium finish as the “most proud moment of (her) career,” and don’t worry – she has a pretty awesome medal to commemorate the event. However, for every impressive professional accolade the Arizona State junior has on her resume, she also has a feature displaying her unreasonably good looks, including one on Writtalin a few months ago.

At Writtalin, we’re big fans of badass ladies who can look good while achieving athletic greatness, so when we saw that Sierra was competing in the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado two weeks ago, we had to meet up with her to talk climbing, and of course, take some photos of this blonde bouldering bombshell.

Photographer Bjorn Bauer (who you should follow on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram) and I were able to catch up with Sierra Blair-Coyle against the idyllic backdrop of Vail in the summertime to take some photos and get to know Sierra a little better.

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

On finishing third in the Dominion RiverRock Competition: “It was the most proud moment of my career. It had been a long time since I had placed in the top five. It seemed like I was always placing sixth, like, right on the bubble. It was my highest placing ever in a professional competition. The coolest part is that I was first in the running order, so I had to watch everyone else to see if they’d get past my point, and when it held up I was really excited!”

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

On her favorite place to climb: “Either Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas, or anywhere on Maui or Oahu because it’s so beautiful.” (Note: I asked, and she has not climbed the Luxor…yet). “I wish! Maybe one day.”

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

On the GoPro Games: “The GoPro games are a lot of fun. There are so many athletes here; so many of my friends. And of course Vail is beautiful. It’s been extra cool this year because in addition to climbing I’ve had a lot of media going on. After this interview we’re shooting something for NBC, which is super cool. I’m just really thankful to have all these opportunities.”

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

On her relationships with other climbers: “I think everyone is happy whenever someone else does well. Climbing is really competitive but it’s just so positive at the same time. It’s great to see my friends do well.”

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer

On rock climbing being considered for the Olympics: “Unfortunately, for 2020 it missed the shortlist, but I think it’ll be up for 2024. Lots of people were really bummed about it, but for me, it’s like, when one door closes another one opens. I still have plenty of competitions to keep me busy!”

Photo Credit: Bjorn Bauer


Make sure to keep up with Sierra Blair-Coyle on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. This hottie is destined for big things!


2014 Vail World Cup


Hi again everyone, what an epic 2 weeks it has been!

Following the Toronto World Cup I was able to enjoy a few days in Toronto.  After enjoying some downtime and getting a few days of training in at Joe RockHead’s, I hopped on yet another plan and made my way to Vail for my second World Cup of the season.

I love the Vail World Cup because it is also part of the GoPro Mountain Games.  The GoPro Mountain Games encompass many other events, such as kayaking, mountain biking, SUP, trail running, etc.  Vail is a beautiful town and it is always fun to meet athletes from other sports and watch their events.

During the weekend I was lucky enough to be interviewed by NBC Sports for an upcoming segment profiling me and 2 other athletes.  My trip began on Wednesday with an interview from NBC and a short climbing sessions at the Vail Vitality Center.  It was great to get loose after all of the travel.  That night I also had an interview with Eddie Fowke from The Circuit World Cup Performance and Climbing Magazine.

On Thursday I shot a tips and tricks video with GoPro.  A tips and tricks video helps people find out what mounts and modes are most useful to use for a specific activity, in my case, climbing!  After shooting the video I was able to relax for a few hours and attend the US team meeting later that night.  The team meeting is always a great way to become briefed on any changes in the IFSC and to interact with my other teammates.

Women qualified on Friday afternoon, so I was able to watch the men in the morning.  Watching the men got me so psyched to climb in the afternoon, I could hardly wait!

My qualifying problems were tricky.  The first problem involved running across a series of volumes, which was very unique and cool to see!  I sent the third and fourth problem, which unfortunately was not enough to secure a place in semi-finals.  My favorite problem of the competition was the third problem, it was a super cool problem, very powerful/technical.  The third problem reminded me a lot of what I climb on in Arizona at my home gym, it is my favorite style of climbing.

After qualifiers I shot a course preview with GoPro, which can be viewed below.  It was fun to get on problem 4 again and to shoot it from so many different angles.  

Saturday was another relaxing day where I was able to watch both the semi-finals and finals round of the competition.  Even though I did not make semi-finals or finals, it was fun to watch both rounds and to see the different styles of setting.  Both World Cups this season have given me great ideas on how to train for the upcoming season and what I need to improve upon.

Overall, Vail was another incredible weekend!  Now I am home for a few weeks and looking forward to some lounging in the sun and training on my home turf.

On to the next adventure…

<3 SBC

Comp climbing&lt;3
Photo: Itai Axelrad

Comp climbing<3

Photo: Itai Axelrad

2014 ABS Nationals

Hey everyone!

What an exciting weekend.  ABS Nationals is one of my favorite competitions of the year, I love being able to see all of my friends and to get on some incredible setting.

The weekend started off when I flew into Denver and drove into Colorado Springs on Thursday. I relaxed for the night and went to bed early so I had a good night of rest before qualifiers on Friday morning.

Qualifiers went really well.  I sent 3 out of the 5 problems, putting me in 7th place going into semi-finals.  I loved the setting in qualifiers, with my favorite problem being problem 2.  I loved the way it was set and had a lot of fun climbing the problem.

Semi-finals took place the following day, on Saturday morning.  24 women were taken to semi-finals, and it was an incredibly stacked field.  Unfortunately I did not send any problems in semi-finals, so I dropped down to 21st place and did not make finals.

Overall, I am very happy with how I climbed this weekend and I feel like I have made a lot of improvements from last year.  Nationals was a blast and I am looking forward to getting back into training!

On to the next adventure…

<3 SBC

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